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The District Court Probation Department consists of a Director, Probation Agents, and clerical staff. The Department provides the Judges of the 70th District Court with pre-sentence reports on referred cases. The Agents interview the defendant, conduct employment, criminal, traffic history checks, assess and evaluate for substance abuse or domestic violence abuse and contact victims when required. The Agents provide the District Court Judges with a detailed pre-sentence investigation (PSI) report prior to sentencing.

Services Provided

  • To prepare pre-sentence investigation reports for Judges so they make informative decisions when sentencing defendants.
  • Pre-sentence reports prepared for the District Judges include criminal/traffic background checks, police reports, victim statements, restitution estimates, assess and evaluate for substance abuse and defendant interview information.
  • Agents evaluate defendants for eligibility on the PLUS Program and provide an initial work schedule.
  • Monitor defendants on Supervised or Unsupervised Probation. This involves making sure defendants comply with Orders of Probation by making personal contact with each defendant monthly.
  • Prepare Order to Show Cause/Bench Warrants and Probation Violation Hearings when defendants fail to comply with the Order of the Court.
  • The Community Service Work is organized in conjunction with non-profit organizations that provide Community Service Work in lieu of fines, cost, and/or jail time.
  • Make recommendations to Judges if defendants are eligible for a restricted license and verify the days and hours of employment for the Court.

Probation Staff

Stacy L. Davis-Diggs

Judith L. Lyons
Probation Agent

DeMario Walker
Probation Agent

Michelle K. Slaughter
Probation Agent

Evaett Laury
Probation Agent

Joshua R. Renckly
Probation Agent

Work Release Schedule

When a Defendant is placed on the PLUS Program (tether) or is granted work release while in jail, the Probation Department verifies the days and hours of employment with the employer. The employer must complete the Day Parole/Work Release Verification Form and submit it to the Court for review. The form is available on the Forms page of this website.

At a Glance

Stacy L. Davis-Diggs

111 South Michigan Avenue
Room 338
Saginaw, MI 48602

Phone: (989) 790-5492 (after the prompt, press 1 for Community Service Work, 2 for Stacy Davis-Diggs, 3 for Judith Lyons, 4 for DeMario Walker, 5 for Michelle Slaughter, 6 for Evaett Laury, 7 for Joshua Renckly and 8 for Clerks)
Fax: (989) 790-5221
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

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